I was sitting outside

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Last weekend, I was up in Pennsylvania visiting family.  They live in the woods next to a lake.  I was sitting on their dock after going kayaking and I was contemplating the water and the trees and the insects.  What I got out of it is the following poem.  Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of the place I was at but maybe you can apply what you read to somewhere you have been.  Enjoy!

Nothing is still

I feel underlying currents

I see fractals playing on the surface

A heart beat, the breeze

A slight rocking

A life force moving through the trees

Moving underneath the surface…of your eyelids

Bright colors in nature

A vibration, a dragonfly

Nothing is still

These seemingly static surfaces

I feel their pulses

So alive

They move unseen

Santa Fe all the Way

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Hey!  Just got back from a great trip to Santa Fe.  I saw the currents new media main exhibit, meow wolf, a band that I really like and was not expecting to see, and tried a number of coffee shops and bars with my friend Ben.  Santa Fe was definitely worth the trip.  I’ve only included a few images from my sketch book here, a photo of the concert my friend and I were at, and then some photos of installations from Meow Wolf. I’ve got to say that airports are great places to draw in.  Enjoy!


In Memory Of

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Something That Must Be Shared

When light shines, it expands

I have seen it wash over dark places

I have seen things go from silhouettes to full blown colors

So bright and expressive that my mind and heart burst

I could not contain sunlight, only reflect it

Something that must be shared

Like love and laughter

Like tears and sadness

Something that illuminates how we’re human

(Dedicated to Joanne Osterman)

The Last Ride

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The day after we arrived in Dresden we were driven out to the Swiss-Saxony National Park.  It has some amazing rock formations.  There was some rock climbing that I didn’t get to do but the views were amazing.







IMG_2986 IMG_2994





Once we reached Dresden it was the end of our bike tour.  So our guides treated us all to dinner at a great seafood restaurant called Kastenmeiers.  It was a great way to spend the night.




Starting in Berlin

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I’ve been on vacation for the past couple weeks in Germany and the Czech Republic.  It was amazing to say the least and I got to learn a lot during my travels as well as meet some fun and interesting people.  So I know this is not my usual painting, but I’ve decided to share my scrap book and photos from the trip.  So to Berlin we go!!


IMG_2874            IMG_2796



The Hotel






Markers for where Jews lived before the Holocaust

Markers for where Jews lived before the Holocaust


Hitler died in a bunker under this parking lot.

The Berlin Wall

IMG_3113  IMG_3115

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie