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I have such heavy words

Weighing on my head

They lumber around

Going unsaid

I feel rather lead-footed

A bit down in the mouth

If only these heavy words had a way of coming out

Some people think me sober

Absorbed in something glum

If only there was something light

That I could ponder on

Maybe some people have effervescent thoughts

But I think for now the word I have is lugubrious 

I am a constellation

Meredith's poetry, sketch book


I am a constellation of dancing shapes and parts

My mind lingers

On their wondrous forms

this face, these toes, these fingers

Singing together

To make a concert of sorts

I am a constellation of dancing shapes and parts

I have some very fine organs

What I like most is my heart

I feel it pumping and squeezing

As my arms and legs do move

With the rise and fall of my emotions

Fast fast, slow it goes with my mood

If all else does not make sense

The world far to big

I will return to my body

And ponder the world within

The things in constant motion

That spin on their own

And do not worry about how or why

Things go as they go

If you got this far, thank you for reading.  I’ve been writing these poems and wanting to share them.  So more are coming and I hope you will enjoy reading.

On the Metro

sketch book



My friend Jessica Farley wrote me this poem in response to one of the drawings above.  Hope you enjoy.


Riding trains

It’s the sea-like lurch,
buckling then release,
waves and songs we search
to find meaning in to be.
I hear the metal orca song
in the background as he listens
to lyrics stretched just right and wrong,
some kinda jazz — man on a mission.
His eyes pull and shrink with age
neatly carved glasses light his sight.
Concave, convex shape the sage
blessed to see and hear the night.
Before we go down underground
this simple man shines rays in halo
enamored over what I’ve found,
this everyday angel in the metro.
His light is plain like Sun,
it inspires me to breathe
deep like wild blue rivers run,
verse in Creation I believe.
We ride the lines, together trip
over red, green, silver, yellow
until he slips through the grip
of doors meeting Heavenly fellows.
Past the angel in new blue seats
a couple counts their dreams,
unaware – love indiscreet,
touch makes life like prisms gleam.
They love like galactic clusters
of gas, color, and fueled up fire,
like raw elements in their luster
drawn to union in Space’s gyre.
There’s hush amid wondrous strangers
I long to share every inch — my story —
Yearn to make friends within lacquered languor
That peels off mundane into glory.
Here on Earth and down in dirt
I ride and watch people as I listen
to the wild tales that give life worth
till the train to sky has risen.

Waiting in DC

sketch book


I never got to finish this one of the bar because my friend showed up.  However it was filled with people and we were watching Germany vs the US for the world cup.  There was also a waitress working at the bar but I guess I was trying to get the setting before I got her.IMG_2382

This is in the morning.  I was near the Corcoran and had decided to get a coffee.  It came in a bowl instead of a cup but I was ok with that.  You need something a little different every once in awhile. 🙂