Spring Takes Its Time

Meredith's poetry

Crocuses outside my house.

Spring takes its time

It teases

Warm days appear in cold months

The light changes

The sun shines later in the day

In slow motion the earth thaws

Nature gets noisier


Spring takes its time

The first sounds seem so loud in the quiet

And then it’s here

And you’ll swear you didn’t see it coming

When did the flowers grow?

When did the frogs start chirping?

You never paid attention

Santa Fe all the Way

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Hey!  Just got back from a great trip to Santa Fe.  I saw the currents new media main exhibit, meow wolf, a band that I really like and was not expecting to see, and tried a number of coffee shops and bars with my friend Ben.  Santa Fe was definitely worth the trip.  I’ve only included a few images from my sketch book here, a photo of the concert my friend and I were at, and then some photos of installations from Meow Wolf. I’ve got to say that airports are great places to draw in.  Enjoy!


In Memory Of

Meredith's poetry, travel


Something That Must Be Shared

When light shines, it expands

I have seen it wash over dark places

I have seen things go from silhouettes to full blown colors

So bright and expressive that my mind and heart burst

I could not contain sunlight, only reflect it

Something that must be shared

Like love and laughter

Like tears and sadness

Something that illuminates how we’re human

(Dedicated to Joanne Osterman)

Same scenes, Different settings

acrylic painting, collage, screen printing

So as I said I’ve been working with some screen printing.  The top image is the same that I worked with for a series on paper.  The image is of connecticut in Dupont.  The other is of people I took a photo of in the metro.  It may or may not be done.  I’m hoping to have a show with these works at some point in the future.  I just need to find a venue…maybe in DC.



The Final Destination, Prague

scrap book, sketch book, travel

We get a ride from Dresden to Prague and then walk around.


Some love locks and the John Lennon wallIMG_3032  IMG_3033


The Jewish Quarter


IMG_3042 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3047 IMG_3048 IMG_3049 IMG_3050


IMG_3146 IMG_3055  You can see Mucha’s work in the background.  He designed the whole building we were dining in.

Walking by Museum Kampa


David Cerny “Babies”


This sculpture really instilled in me how horrible it was to be behind the iron curtain…if the Berlin Wall hadn’t already.  It’s also a great example of how sometimes art is more effective if it’s not beautiful, if it’s more gritty and ugly.  The way the art is done gets to the heart of the matter really well.  I put the information about the art next to in case you want to read about the content.

Up to Prague Castle


I was turned away at the entrance to Prague Castle’s catholic church.  Apparently I was showing too much skin.  However, after waiting maybe 15 minutes outside my Dad came out of the church and escorted me in.


Back in Mucha’s building



IMG_3148  And then I went home.


On the way to Dresden

sketch book, travel


On our travels we stopped at Meissen, a porcelain manufacturer that started in 1710.  It makes and paints all its porcelain by hand, using techniques from when it was founded.  When we went to the factory it had a really cool exhibit of work by contemporary artists.  The artists were from the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. I saw one expat’s work.  It was a really great representation of different cultures with references with how they used to, and how they currently use porcelain.  I wrote down some but not all of the artist’s names.  If you want to look them up here they are:

Khaled Al-Saai,  Rokneddin and Rokni Haerizadeh,  Birgit Dieker, Xiao Hui Wang, Nja Mahdaoui, and Frank Michaelis

IMG_2941IMG_3134   IMG_2937

This trip ended in the historical part of Dresden.





Meredith's poetry, travel

Helicopter ride in Kauai

The Pacific

The Pacific Ocean has no memories

But I remember it

Large and blue and beautiful

It filled my eyes

So deep and fierce at green beaches

It threatened to pull me under

At other places it was calmer

Monk seals and sea turtles taking naps

And then from above It moved and changed

I watched its waves go from aqua to black

The Pacific Ocean has no memories

For a time I thought there was nothing else


Green beach Hawaii