We Are All Made of Stars

acrylic painting, yoga

I was trying to think of a good title for the page and Moby’s song is the only thing that came to mind…although this is sort of a play on the poem, “I am a constellation“.  Let your mind play with those ideas.  But essentially this is an image of a woman in a twisted position during yoga filled with a super nova and a heart at her center.  You can see from this post and the last post that I had a few other ideas that I ultimately decided against.

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Twist in Progress

acrylic painting, yoga

Here are images from the first stages of a painting I am working on.  It’s someone doing a twist in yoga.  But I’m turning it into another yoga pose in my series so it’s becoming a little surreal.  The dimensions are 3x4feet.  I have no clue where I’m going to hang it yet…it might be part of an art installation though so that would be pretty cool.





Garland Pose

acrylic painting, yoga


I have gotten mixed reviews for this painting but all in all I like it.  A friend of mine did the pose for me so I could model the painting off of her and it really transformed from the photo of her.  Something that does not come across in this photo is the silver and the bronze paint.  The definitions of the shapes are a bit more stark in person.  You get the idea though.