MFA Art Show

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“Mystery” acrylic on canvas

The end of 2019 has been really exciting for me.  I had one solo art show in Brookland, DC and participated in a large group show in Silver Spring, MD.  In keeping with this trend I am starting the new year with a group show in Annapolis, MD.  It is a privilege and a thrill to have my painting, Mystery, accepted into Maryland Federation of Art’s Winter Member Show.  There were 61 entries accepted out of 438.  The reception will be January 12th from 3 to 5pm.  The exhibit is up from January 4th through the 20th.  The address of the gallery is Circle Gallery, 18 State Circle, Annapolis MD 21401.

I am looking forward to the new year and hope to pursue more art related activities. ūüôā

Fillmore Art Show

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Recently I was contacted to participate in a group show at the Fillmore in downtown Silver Spring by RAW Natural Born Artists. ¬†The show is on October 24th from 7 to 11pm. ¬†I’m super excited to be in the show with 59 other artists. ¬†There will be a lot to look at. ¬†If you are interested in supporting me in the endeavor buy a ticket¬†on my profile page.

For anyone unfamiliar with¬†the Fillmore, it’s a music venue. ¬†It’s very easily accessible by metro. ¬†There are also many parking garages around it.

Well, I’m hoping to talk to some new people and old friends. ¬†I hope to see you there!

Dance Place Gala

art show, watercolor

My friend, Ben Levine, is putting together the Dance Place Gala at Dance Place in DC. ¬†He invited me to be a part of it by contributing to an installation piece that he designed. ¬†There will be music, there will be windows, there will be cool lighting, and there will be me painting in the foreground. ¬†I have met up with him and the manager for this project, Sarah Chapin, a few times and we have one more meeting to go before the show. ¬†I’d be happy to see some familiar faces after the performance and happy if people I knew could enjoy the show. ¬†So if anyone is interested in attending it is on the weekend of October 21st. ¬†You can buy tickets through Dance Place.



From left to right:  Meredith Osterman, Ben Levine, and Sarah Chapin


This is me playing with some ideas for the show at our second rehearsal.  We will be working with projections of what I am painting during the show.