Art Show at Victor Selman Gallery!


“Self Portrait” acrylic on canvas, 30×40″

This past Christmas, I recieved 11 blank canvases.  When I looked at all the canvases I was pretty happy because most of them were pretty large.  My self portrait, seen above, is 30×40 inches.  Large surfaces allow me to paint more freely.  It also makes it feel easier to do things that I feel rusty at.  Portraits and representational art are examples of that.  I thought that a self portrait would be a good way to get back into painting people.  

I’m excited to see where my work goes from here.  I have a show at the Victor Selman Gallery in DC this June.  The reception is on the 8th at 6pm.  The show will be up from the 7th to the morning of the 22nd.  I’m hoping to have eight new paintings by that time.  Right now I have about six.  It feels good to be producing more and have a way to share what I’ve done.