Garland Pose

acrylic painting, yoga


I have gotten mixed reviews for this painting but all in all I like it.  A friend of mine did the pose for me so I could model the painting off of her and it really transformed from the photo of her.  Something that does not come across in this photo is the silver and the bronze paint.  The definitions of the shapes are a bit more stark in person.  You get the idea though.

Eagle Arms Complete

acrylic painting, collage


Here’s the completed eagle arms.  It’s the second in a series of what is now three yoga goddess poses.  This one is mixed media, with painting and collage.  The part that took the longest was the hair.  I spent a long time cutting out the eyes of swimsuit super models and famous people and then glueing them down.  I think it was worth it.  Below I’ve posted a close up of the hair so you can see the detail.