Downward Dog in Progress

Yin Yang Yoga Projects

I’ve been working on a couple of projects for the past few months and one of them is for Yin Yang Yoga.  I have a wall there that I like to rotate art on.  Right now there are portraits of some of my colleagues up.  However I want to switch it with someone doing yoga.

The piece is inspired by Fred Tomaselli.  He does work with collage and currently has works up at the American Art Museum in DC.  His works are quite large and colorful.  In addition they have a lot to look at.  So hopefully it’s easy to see why someone would be inspired by him.

Here’s one of my preliminary sketches.


Here’s the very beginning of my project.


Here’s where I am at now.  I’m basically figuring out the background.  It’s like a puzzle but I am making up the pieces.


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